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I wrote this addon for Blender 2.80 so I can pose my sculpts with actual bones as I model and sculpt on a rigged puppet. This is an essential for sculpting or modelling on meshes with an armature attached, or remaking a new character from an already existing skinned mesh without having to start over.

It adds three a new menu items in pose mode:

“Pose > Apply > Apply Pose as Rest Pose with Mesh"  that will set the current skeleton pose AND mesh shape as the new rest pose. 

"Right click > Straighten Child Bones" this will copy the active bones world space orientation to all child bones, straightening them.  Handy for building T-poses to base animation or driven bones off of when done sculpting.

“Pose > Bone Settings >  Inherit Toggle All

This will toggle all of the armature bones to ignore/respect the parent bones rotation and scale.   This allows you to do  things like scale a chest bone without scaling the head.   

(I recommend applying the rest pose with mesh beforehand for best results. All bones will be set back to respect parent rotation and scale.)


-the skeleton gets rebuilt for the new proportions  which means that any existing animations or poses will become distorted by the changes.  

-it does not support meshes with shape keys yet. 

-it works with the modifiers armature, multires , mirror and shrinkwrap (in very narrow cases). There are lots of ways to break it if you have a complex modifier stack so power users be warned.  No support should be expected or implied.  I'm sharing something from my toolbelt.

(my "stubby" anatomical model not included, I've seen what you monsters do to my characters)

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